Estrattore 15L

Essential Oils and Hydrosols Extractor

15 Litre Capacity

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Code: E0015
Format: 15 L
Shipping: about 20 days
Availability: Available
Price: € 1,220.00  

Product description

Even being the smallest distiller of the range (only 9.7 kg), the MiniOpi 15 Litre extractor has it all as far as features, strength and efficiency is concerned.

Capable of performing at its best for practicality, yield, quality and completeness of the essential oils produced, it is intended for use in didactics, for personal productions, for people living in studio flats, boats or campervans, for light travelling, for remote areas and for those wanting to perform sample distillation for chromatography, product/quality yields needed for implementing development and self-sufficiency projects.

It is also suitable for obtaining delicate hydrosols and in small quantities for the production of eye drops containing camomile, euphrasia (eyebright), rose, etc.

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