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Format: 110 L
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Product description

Entirely built in 304 food grade stainless steel, it is designed in accordance with the CEE89/109, D.L. 108 dated 25/01/92 and DM220 dated 26/04/93 Italian Directive only if supplied with all original components of the manufacturer. It is equipped with a perforated basket for loading the vegetable material for extracting: dyes, aromatic liqueurs, all types of hydroalcoholic macerates including glycerin macerates and bud extracts, aromatic oils and wines from spagyric fermentation for Quintessences

Its considerable height and the two-flow conical base with stainless steel gate and depending on the Will and mastery of the operator, allows to produce the best Remedies thanks to a perfect decanting, an easy and fast removal of the sediments and, after having removed the basket and the plant, to obtain clean remedies without further processes.

Capacity: 110 Litre. Height from the ground: 165 cm including bubbler.

Directions for use

  1. After washing the container and the basket, load it with the clean plant for extracting the principles.
  2. Pour the solvent or the intended liquid according to the processing recipe.
  3. Close the lid ensuring that the bubbler is securely closed and that the sphere is properly fitted.
  4. After a few days, and for several times, a very small sample is extracted from the bottom shutter on the top of the cone and any sediment that may be present should be removed.
  5. Wait for the solvent to reach its maximum colouring within the established times and test the extract around the end of the period from the middle shutter on the side of the cone.
  6. When the extract is ready, pour it out completely from the middle shutter on the side of the cone.
  7. Open the lid and after having drained it remove the basket containing the plant.
  8. Nowadays, quality products are not subjected to violent pressing at several atmospheres of pressure, because this often extracts the coarser parts. Rather than pressing, nowadays low speed fruit juice extractors are used that are equipped with a feed auger for a more gentle final extraction which results in a more balanced product once the final juice is blended with the extract from the macerator.

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