Insulated extractor for essential oils and hydrolates on 4 feet

1000 Litre Capacity

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Code: E1000
Format: 1000 L
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Product description

The new 1000 liters is up to date with the state of the art, it is designed to be compliant with INDUSTRY 4.0. and available only in insulated version. This makes it much cheaper on production costs, from an energy point of view and on yields, also due to the possibility of exploiting thermal inertia with more complete extractions of components as base notes of the essential oils produced (industrial know-how available only to buyers). It is necessary for the loading and unloading of a forklift or hoist-crane.

For distillers with higher capacities, we think it is necessary that they be customized together with customers on the basis of: sites of use, climate, aromatic essences envisaged or present in their land and surroundings, in order to better define production strategies and economies.
Some examples of the capacity in kg for this still:


  • lavender with stems> 240-300
  • sweet fennel green seeds> 150-200 fill halfway and do not crush the mass.
  • juniper crushed berries> 150-200 fill halfway and do not crush the mass.
  • cypress (chopped galbule)> 400-500
  • rosemary> 250-300

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